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Epoxy.com Product #663

Vinyl Ester Coating


Epoxy.com Product #663 Vinyl Ester Coating is a 100% reactive, vinyl ester novolac used to coat concrete or steel surfaces in chemically aggressive industrial environments. Due to its high molecular weight and low permeability, it will withstand exposure to a broad range of acids, caustics, and solvents.Epoxy.com Product #663 Vinyl Ester Coating is designed for coating primary and secondary containment, trenches, troughs, pump pads, equipment, and structural members. Low temperature accelerators are available for positive cures at temperatures from 32° to 55°F.


  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
  • High temperature performance; in many cases up to 350°F (spills) or 400°F (dry heat).
  • Application by conventional painting techniques.
  • Best overall performance coating for secondary containment.
  • Self-extinguishing in thin films.


  • Substrate temperature must be a minimum of 50°F.
  • Substrate must be free of dirt, waxes, curing agents, and other foreign materials.
  • Substrate must be completely dry.
  • Requires skilled installers to assure successful results.


Two-component peroxide cured vinyl ester novolac.



Surface Preparation is the most critical portion of any successful resinous flooring system application. All substrates must be properly prepared as outlined in Epoxy.com Surface Preparation Recommendations. Contact Epoxy.com Technical Support with any questions.


Observe all precautions on MSDS and label when using this product. Mix 3-4 oz. Part B per gallon with Part A with a low speed drill for at least two (2) minutes. For spray application, add up to 1 quart Styrene per mixed gallon, if needed. Apply by roller, brush, or spray. Use a nylon or natural bristle brush or a good quality medium nap roller. Can be sprayed with airless or conventional spray.


Clean skin with soap and water; use MEK, xylene, or clean proprietary epoxy thinners for equipment.


160 square feet per gallon yields 8 mils DFT due to shrinkage during cure. Two coats are recommended for general service.


Epoxy.com Product #663 Vinyl Ester Coating is available in #150 Dark Grey and Custom Colors as approved.

Typical Performance Properties
Tensile Strength ASTM C307 9,500 psi
Bond Strength to Concrete  ACI COMM #403, Bulletin 59-43300-350 psi
(100% Concrete Failure)
Water AbsorptionD-570 0.10%
Abrasion ResistanceASTM D-570 30-40 mg
HardnessASTM D-2240 85 (Shore D)
Abrasion ResistanceASTM 4060
(CS-10 wheel, 1 kg load, 1000 cycles)
26-28 mg. loss
Impact Resistance Gardner Impact Tester >120 in/lbs
High Gloss Weight/Gallon9.76 lbs.
mixed Solids Content100%
Mix Ratio32A:1B by volume
Pot Life30-40 min. @ 70°F
Viscosity600 cps, mixed approx
Shelf LifeMaximum 60 days
from date of purchase
Re-Coat 5-24 hours @ 70°F.
Foot Traffic8-12 hours
Full Chemical Cure3-5 days
Acetic Acid-100%R
Citric Acid R
Crude Oil R
Diesel Fuel R
Ethylene Glycol R
Fatty Acids R
Gasoline R
Hydrochloric Acid-37% R
Lactic Acid R
Methanol L
Methyl Ethyl Ketone L
Nitric Acid-30% R
Skydrol R
Sodium Hydroxide-50% R
Sulfuric Acid-70% R
Toluene R
Urea R
Vinegar R
Xylene R
R-Recommended for continuous service.
L-Limited Recommendation, occasional spills.
*-May cause slight stain or discoloration.

Proper mixing and installation is critical to the optimal success of all products.  See Installation Tips, Techdata, & MSDS for more details on our products.  Be sure to contact us with any questions and/or concerns that you have.

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