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What is the Definition of Epoxy Adhesive?

An adhesive is a material used to make something adhere. Adhere is further defined as to stay attached.

For the purpose of this page once you add epoxy in front of the word adhesive, we define it as to make something stay attached in a way that you must use destructive force in order to separate the two materials apart. You must destroy one of the 2 surfaces attached, or the epoxy adhesive itself. In practice is more likely than not that it will be easier to destroy one of the two surfaces being bonded than to destroy the epoxy adhesive.

Just about all of our 100% solids epoxy are epoxy adhesives.  They all meet that definition above.  We will, for the purpose of this document, only concentrate on the ones specifically designed for use as epoxy adhesive.

The first step in assuring proper bonding is proper surface preparation. If you have any questions about surface preparation  after reading  this link please be sure to contact Epoxy.com Technical Support (1-352-533-2167).

There are a number of versatile multi-purpose Epoxy adhesives that we offer. 

Thinner (Lower Viscosity) Epoxy Adhesives

 Typically when using an epoxy as an adhesive you want something that is thicker.  The reason for this is that you want to completely fill the differential of the fill between the 2 planes being bonded.  In other words you don't want any voids between the two surfaces being bonded together.  Typically that is easier to do with a thicker material. 

There are situation where you need a thinner material. 

  1. The most common is  epoxy injection. . In this case epoxy is pumped under pressure to adhere cracks in concrete and wood back together.
  2. Another example is when you have two surfaces that you are bonding that are near perfect in touching each other before you add the adhesive, for example glass to glass. For advice on these kinds of application please contact Epoxy.com Technical Support Department (352-533-2167).

Thicker Epoxy Adhesive Gels

Product #2005 - is a high strength, high viscosity (thicker) material Semi-Flexible Epoxy Gel Adhesive. This product is ideal where there might be some differential movement of the two surfaces to be bonded. For example in repairing grave stone markers. It also is faster setting which can eliminate a lot of down time waiting for the material to cure. This does however mean you have a shorter pot-life. There is an easy work around on a short pot-life, you just mix smaller batches at a time.

Product #2006 - is a high strength epoxy adhesive gel.  Product #2006 has the advantage of having a longer pot-life than Product #2005 above. One typical use of this product is to bond hardened concrete to harden concrete. It is also used commonly to seal cracks around ports and crack for epoxy injection. Product #2005 Epoxy Adhesive Gel can also be used to fill and smooth most construction materials on both the horizontal and on the vertical.

Product #2704 Epoxy Gel Super Fast Cure has the advantage of being super fast setting.  It is ideal for sealing cracks and walls in non-moving cracks.  A typical use is when covering concrete and wood joints before the installation of an epoxy coating or epoxy flooring system,

Wet to Dry Epoxy Adhesive

Fresh concrete will not bond to hardened concrete. That causes all kinds of problems.  Product #2007 Epoxy Wet to Dry Adhesive is the work-around to that problem.  It allows you to bond your new fresh wet concrete to the old concrete. The bond strength is greater than the tensile strength of either concrete. After the new concrete cures the new concrete member created will act structurally like they were made as a single pour.

Under-Water Epoxy Adhesive

Working under water and at the splash zone during installation creates a unique set of changes. Product #2707 was specifically designed to meet those challenges.

Epoxy Adhesive for Oil Saturated Concrete

Product #201 Oil Stop Primer is not a stand-alone adhesive. It is a primer that will stick to properly prepared oily concrete.  It creates a bond to that oily concrete.  Then epoxy adhesives, coatings and flooring systems can the bond to the cured oil stop primer.

For more information on epoxy adhesives and with your critical bonding requirement, please contact Epoxy.com Technical Support Department.

Proper mixing and installation is critical to the optimal success of all products.  See Installation Tips, Techdata, & MSDS for more details on our products.  Be sure to contact us with any questions and/or concerns that you have.

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